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    AC/DC to ZZ Top

    Do you like Metallica? So do we. We’ve got that. Led Zeppelin? Absolutely. Wu-Tang? We brought the ruckus. Band shirts from classic rock to heavy metal. From old school hip-hop to newer MCs bringing it fresh. Starting at only $19.99.

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  • Vaporizer Splat

    The healthier way to smoke

    Without smoke, vaporizers can allow you to enjoy your finest herbs and blends without stinking up your place. Medically proven to give you more puff for your buck, we carry a growing list of vaporizers. We’ve got the Volcano, both digital and analog, the Pax portable vaporizer, Arizer’s Solo, Extreme-Q and V-Tower, The Magic Flight Launch Box, 710 Pen Mini, CloudV, Atmos Rx & Atmos Jr, we’ve got the iOLITE and many more.

    A vaporizer can quickly become your best friend regardless of where and why you choose to party.

  • 3D Marble

    Artistic glass from all over the world

    Rock Universe brings in new products from all over the world every week. From our own backyard to our neighbours to the south, to imports from other lands. Quality always meets price and you can be sure to leave with something you love every time you visit us.

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    Everyday’s a party at Rock Universe.

    We’ve got what you’re looking for. Keepin’ it fresh. Crisp glassware, great shirts, good times and fun people.


Latest News

  • Melt Marbles

    Marbles by M.E.L.T.

    Glass blowing is an immaculate art form. It doesn’t always have to be functional. David Klacza, (M.E.L.T. Glass) an up and coming artist from London, Ontario can show you what a little patience and a lot of skill can create. Give him a follow and keep your eyes on his prizes.


  • New Posters

    Professionally Plaque’d Posters

    New plaque posters are always coming in. We’ve got music and movies and cool pictures. Decorate your battle stations.


  • Magnets

    Licensed Fridge Magnets

    Your fridge is probably a little naked. Why not spruce it up with one of our new magnets? Great for leaving notes to loved ones or hungry burglars.


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