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Got a bong here just a couple months ago and my god do I love it. Best bong I've gotten in a long time and its all due to this location and a particular staff member. He knew what I was looking for, offered two different choices, no pressure to buy either and I made a choice.

Zack Pettigrew

I have been a customer of Rock Universe for what feels like 20 years now. It is legit hard to leave empty handed. Great selection of pipes and it's nice to see old school prices. You can still get pipes for less than $5! Nicely lit store with great display cabinets. The place for all your fun purchases and well earned treats.

Karen Newman

Super awesome service, I was in and out in maybe 15 mins? I had an idea of what I was looking for but I didn’t want to spend forever looking since they have so much selection. The staff was incredibly helpful and made my shopping trip painless and easy!

Stephanie Hall

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Rock Universe: Your home-grown Canadian shop with 7 Sweet Stores all over Southern Ontario. We’ve got Cambridge, St. Catharines, Oakville, Simcoe, Dunnville, Hamilton, two in Burlington. The term “headshop” isn’t enough. What are we? One huge scoop of band t-shirts, one hefty helping of glassware, a metric ton of body jewellery—sprinkle in a  liberal amount of rolling papers, posters, belts and buckles and you’ve only got a taste of what we have to offer. The world is always changing; we are as well: New products come through our doors every week from all corners of the globe. Come on in to any of our locations and let the atmosphere consume you.

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